At the end of Season 2, he meets a lady on the internet and slowly falls crazy about the girl

Seasons dos

Chandler feels extremely guilty on advising Rachel just how Ross is actually toward the woman and also at the same time advising Ross to track down some body more, as the Rachel realizes she’s got feelings getting Ross and is devastated whenever Ross return to help you Ny off their trip to Asia that have Julie. The guy attempts to give Ross to help you you better think again chasing after Rachel but fails whenever Ross seems to be extremely pleased with Julie. When Ross ultimately finds out Rachel have feelings getting him, he suggests Ross and come up with a benefits and drawbacks record about Rachel and you will Julie to greatly help your choose. Ross ultimately selections Rachel but because the she actually is visiting the apartment, the list automatically initiate printing out from nowhere and you may vacation trips Rachel’s center. Chandler blames himself for the whole fiasco it is overjoyed when Ross and you may Rachel in the end link.

Just after, whenever you are babysitting Ross’ son Ben, Chandler and Joey get distracted while you are flirting which includes female on the a shuttle and then leave Ben to the auto. They go all over the urban area looking for Ben last but most certainly not least select him in the Individual Attributes office. Ross was infuriated on the couples.

Chandler is extremely annoyed when Monica tells other category on the his 3rd breast. The guy shortly after accepts Monica’s help lose some weight but becomes annoyed when she gets your up on a week-end and you may playfully phone calls him “lbs guy”.

The guy and you will Joey is actually even more amazed by the Monica’s date Richard and you can fork out a lot of your energy that have your. It propose to meet up at the Main Cheer therefore converts over to getting Janice.

Year 3

12 months step three starts with Chandler staying in a keen experience of Janice. Here is the just date where he cannot intend to crack with her, and is certainly in love with the woman and can overlook the girl relatively annoying sound and you can make fun of. Whenever Joey finds out Janice unpleasant as always and you can expresses feelings off hatred to the her, Chandler tells him so you can suck it and particularly Janice. 1st inside the rekindled experience of the woman, the guy enjoy their signature union-phobia and freaks their out by suggesting it relocate together. The guy later amends that it by the soothing the lady that it is only their instinctual character to panic regarding the union.

Once understanding Janice possess kissed the lady old boyfriend-husband double simply because they are located in a romance meetville, and you may then the fact that she however enjoys him as well just like the Chandler, he unwillingly allows this lady go because they keeps an attempt during the are a family, and he shows about how exactly the guy sensed concerning guy who “broke their nearest and dearest right up”, as he noticed they, when he was children.

Pursuing the breakup he has a difficult time recovering from their however, seems a small most readily useful after to play sports along with his nearest and dearest to your Thanksgiving being selected more than Joey by the a beautiful Dutch lady. Later, his sadness resurfaces in which he works out kissing one of Joey’s siblings, Mary-Angela, during the an event. The guy informs Joey (to guard themselves) that he was crazy about Mary-Angela therefore was not simply your fooling up to. When Mary-Angela will get excited, the guy covers with the Tribbiani home in order to carefully crack up with her, but it looks like Joey can there be also, also the many other Tribbiani siblings. Chandler genuinely doesn’t discover which one Mary-Angela are, and you may, when among the sisters makes a citation from the him into the the newest hallway, the guy takes on he has receive this lady. it actually is several other sister, Mary-Therese. A keen altercation happen, assuming Joey realizes the actual situation he or she is quite aggravated within Chandler. Chandler apologizes amply, informing your he’ll never do just about anything of types again.